Relationship Rescue services for couples in serious crisis

Is a morning or afternoon worth finding out if your relationship is worth saving? I now offer intensive half-day couples’ sessions for relationships in crisis. These 4-hour sessions – the equivalent of a full month of therapy – are geared towards couples who are on the verge of imminent separation or divorce.

Why prolong your pain and postpone your healing when it’s possible to feel better today? I can help you turn your conflict into a deeper connection and to finally get the love you want and deserve.

My Relationship Rescue sessions are based on Imago Relationship Therapy, which will help you learn strategies for healthier communication so that each person’s feelings and experiences are heard and validated.

If you are a couple in crisis, or you simply want a real jump-start to put your relationship on a new and exciting path, this is for you! Spaces are limited to a few weekly slots and book quickly – because this works!

Following the initial four-hour Relationship Rescue session, I recommend that most couples continue regular hourly sessions. Depending on your individual circumstances, I may ask to see one or both spouses for individual sessions as well as joint sessions.

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