What is Imago Relationship Therapy?

My therapies for families and couples are based on Imago Relationship Therapy, a highly effective method that helps you reconnect with others. Using a new technique of communicating called the Imago dialogue, you’ll learn a way of listening and speaking that helps you and your partner learn more about each other.

Based on the book Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix, Imago Relationship Therapy focuses on getting to the root of conflict. The Imago dialogue shifts the conversation away from blame, shame, and criticism, towards mutual support and understanding. It will help you learn more about your partner’s emotional history and discover the underlying reasons for the things that appear in your disagreements and conflicts.

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Conflict and disappointment are inevitable to some degree in any relationship. Using Imago techniques, you can use conflict as an opportunity to grow and strengthen your relationship – instead of damaging it. You will begin to understand the reason for your partner’s feelings and responses and see how they make sense in the context of their past. Imago makes these difficult conversations easier by teaching you a specific way to dialogue about emotional issues.

Using Imago communication practices, I will help you discover what lies underneath your relationship conflict, how to resolve it together, and how to restore your connection with your partner. Imago Relationship Therapy will give you the skills to communicate clearly and validate each other’s feelings and experiences, so that your relationship can move forward, heal, and thrive.

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