"Do I Really Have to Blog?"

One of my clients, an intelligent, young, activist, writer, wife, mother of three, social media aficionado, and all around good human being, has been 'encouraging' me for the last several months to start a blog.

It's usually during one of our sessions, when an insight is shared, a lesson is learned, a breakthrough is made, that she insists, "You need to start a blog!  It would be helpful to me, and a way to share yourself with others needing some help and some hope!" I must admit that I'm showing my age, in that this brave new world of "blogging", "tweeting", "Facebooking", etc. has for the most part, not held a compelling spot in my daily reality. But my client is insistent. And, in our last session when she queried, "Have you started blogging yet?," my repetitive response of, "I'll get to that this week" did not suffice. Her reply, "So, you hold me accountable. Who holds you accountable?"  

So here it is...my blog.

It's such a privilage to do what I do. My clients, like the young woman described above, often give me as much, or more, insight as what I might impart to them. That's what a good "relationship" is all about - reciprocity. And a strong, healthy, open, honest therapeutic relationship is what I strive to provide to clients. If I had to state my main goal in doing what I do, it would be "to alleviate suffering". It's my belief that we suffer too much. And, historically in my profession, human suffering has had insult to injury added when we label it "mental illness" and treat people as if they were sick.

We're not sick, or crazy. Mostly, we're just really hurt.

And, it's been my overwhelming experience, and joy, to know that with the right help, with a compassionate ear, with sound therapeutic intervention, with the belief that we can heal and that we deserve to get all of our needs met, that we do, indeed, get better.  

So, I send a heartfelt thanks to my client for holding me accountable.  And I will do my best to utilize this form of communication and connection to educate, inspire, introduce, challenge and heal. May you find your moment of joy and hope today!


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